Mom’s Coffee Cake Rolls

Want to talk about one of those rub it on your face (and your ass) desserts?

Mom’s Coffee Cake Rolls 

Sometimes I hate myself for even knowing how to make these. They are SO damn good though!

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Menu for Christmas Party

We’re throwing a Christmas party tomorrow today and I’m working on the menu! We’re doing heavy appetizers and so far I have some really quick and easy recipes since I’m in a time crunch…!

1) Cheesy Garlic Herb BreadSlice of Southern: Cheesy Garlic Herb Bread

2) Cheesy Christmas Tree 

South Shore Decorating Blog: Holiday Decorating and Other ideas

3) Grape Jelly Meatballs my secret recipe


“I’m not sure but, this woman may be Jesus”

Quoted by my fabulous gay cousin Christien!

She Pours Egg Into The Waffle Iron. Seconds Later? I’m Never Cooking Again.

This woman just made an entire breakfast with a waffle iron!!!

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Excitatory Substances

Excitatory Substances

My old food blog!!


<I can’t believe I found this picture!!>

To be honest, it was more like a data mining recipe blog. I gathered recipes from all the women in my family, food magazines, and the mother-load of everything, the internet.

Want to talk about a place you shouldn’t go to hungry?

Link is here.

Just check out the first page. I dare you.

Some love to Dean Winchester my #FutureHusband.

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Holiday Cookie Recipes that’ll make Santa do the Harlem Shake

I have scoured the ends of Pinterest to find all of the yummiest holiday cookies the internet has to offer.

A complete collection of every holiday cookie recipe you'll need this season. Cookies are the perfect edible gift for friends and family

Picture credit to BetsyLife blog

Note: the link in the below picture is to another blog and is not the same list on my blog.

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