Our Zoo

Donate. Rescue. Foster. Adopt.

I can’t say this enough!

We have proudly either rescued or adopted all of our creatures.


Have any questions about adopting/fostering/rescuing? Please message me!

Local Adoption Agencies in Wilmington, NC that I have worked with:

**For more information, please go to this link for Local Shelters & Organizations in North Carolina.


Our zoo consists of:

2 dogs

5 cats

2 turtles

and a bearded dragon


Sahra and I holding Mattie – our first born ‘child’

Back in college one afternoon, I was hunting around Petfinder.com when I came across this black furball with crazy eyes. It was love at first site.

After adopting her from SOAR (Southport/Oak Island Rescue), we went berserk spoiling our first ‘child’ as new parents seem to do. From the first night home, she has slept on pillows beside us in the bed or on the couch.

Mattie is extra fluffy, kinda tubby, and super sweet.

Look at that smile!


 Over here we have Ryan and Zeke being silly

Zeke was adopted back when we lived at the ‘Shannon Drive’ house – 3 years ago I believe?


I love telling his story because it exemplifies the importance of rescuing/adopting.

 Another Petfinder.com puppy, I was poking around the website looking for any potential pets fosters to add to our zoo.

Zeke’s gorgeous amber wolf eyes caught my attention.

Picked up the phone; dialed the number. Spoke to a kind woman that burst into tears when I asked about the black puppy dog from the website.

It was a Thursday – she said that he had been there for so long that his ‘time was up’ and he was going to be put to sleep on Monday. She told me he was a great dog; very loving and the only issue was submissive peeing. No big deal for me! Told her I would be there ASAP.

Left the house for the weekend with my childhood friend, Brendan, in tow and was extremely vague on the details to Ryan. Since he is an animal lover himself, he never gets too angry when I bring home new pets fosters.


Honestly – could you say no to that face?


Onto the felines…


 This is Pincess and her toes.

Pincess with no ‘R’ if you please.


Mini is super fluffy and sweet (timid, too)

Mini was adopted January 2013 from a rescue out of Morehead City, NC.

She has a secret – she loves her belly being itched!


My Tornado of Destruction Cat – Niblet

He was bottle-fed earlier in 2014 and has become more of our animals’ pet.

Nibs loves to harass play with everyone (whether they want to or not!)


Gracie aka Grettle aka Ryan’s Cat

Ah ha! I captured it. You see those eyes? Those are killer eyes!


Merlin the Half-Tailed Beardie


The first “sidewalk” turtle – Bo Diddly

More pictures of our animals…


Spoiled. Rotten.


Bundled up for the winter!

IMG_0943 IMG_0948

She doesn’t like to move when I’m making the bed in the morning.

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