Fangirling for Sally’s Baking Addiction

Hi! We are baking addicts.

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But first, I’m Sally. I like to take pictures, write, run, and bake. Scratch that, I’m addicted to baking. The kitchen is where my creative juices flow and Sally’s Baking Addiction is where I can share it all with you.

-Sally’s Baking Addiction

This is an extension of my work-in-progress post 
Holiday Cookie Recipes that’ll make Santa do the Harlem Shake

I created it as a result of my rambling’s on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Sally – if you ever read this. You are an inspiration.

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Excitatory Substances

Excitatory Substances

My old food blog!!


<I can’t believe I found this picture!!>

To be honest, it was more like a data mining recipe blog. I gathered recipes from all the women in my family, food magazines, and the mother-load of everything, the internet.

Want to talk about a place you shouldn’t go to hungry?

Link is here.

Just check out the first page. I dare you.

Some love to Dean Winchester my #FutureHusband.

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Holiday Cookie Recipes that’ll make Santa do the Harlem Shake

I have scoured the ends of Pinterest to find all of the yummiest holiday cookies the internet has to offer.

A complete collection of every holiday cookie recipe you'll need this season. Cookies are the perfect edible gift for friends and family

Picture credit to BetsyLife blog

Note: the link in the below picture is to another blog and is not the same list on my blog.

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