$2 Recycled Glass Spice Bottles – Plus 20% off

Recyled Glass Spice Bottles

Thank you West Elm for making my Christmas wish come true!

These will be perfect for a little project I am working on! Check out my inspiration from eGardenStudio on Etsy!

Use promo code LASTCHANCE for an additional 20% off 🙂

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Trick to filling ornaments with snow


There you have it ladies and gentlemen!

The secret is using a skewer or something small enough you can ram up and down when your snow gets stuck!!

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“I’m not sure but, this woman may be Jesus”

Quoted by my fabulous gay cousin Christien!

She Pours Egg Into The Waffle Iron. Seconds Later? I’m Never Cooking Again.

This woman just made an entire breakfast with a waffle iron!!!

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Frosted Pinecone Ornaments



Aren’t these beautiful?


And who doesn’t love sugar skulls!

These frosted pine cones remind me of the snow at our cabin this Thanksgiving!

I should make a post with #SnowPorn pictures… I digress.

DIY Sparkling Pinecone Ornament

Photo credit to Provident Home Design 

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Did Santa stop by?


We are so blessed and thankful to be able to afford this many presents for our loved ones this year. Some years have been better than others, but we were both promoted/hired in the summer (on the same day actually) earlier this year.

What is the best part of being blessed? Giving. I love giving people gifts. With the 5 Love Languages for those of you who know what that is, I show my admiration by gift giving.

Christmas is like crack to me. 😆😂😤🎁🎄🎅⛄😍

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DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

We made DIY snow globes today!

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Original post on Whipperberry’s blog here

These were  featured on Buzzfeed’s 26 Last-Minute Christmas Hacks !!

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