Worms, Succulents, and Indoor Gardening

Look what came today!


Woot woot! Worms! Not many people get excited over worms, much less order them online??


Buzzfeed’s 15 Incredibly Weird Things You Can Buy on Amazon for Under $15

Amazon had worms and ladybugs! I pressed the “add to checkout” button so fast… strange things happen when I am left to my own online shopping devices.

200 Red Wiggler Worms on Amazon as promised.

The worms are great for composting, gardening, and potted plants!

Ryan received his other early Christmas present, the ladybugs, in an earlier shipment.

<Amazon box arrives at the house.>

Ooo what did Allison buy now?

– Ladybugs!!!!!!???

This is a picture right after I opened it outside and showed him. Told him we needed to open the box outside as the contents ‘were alive.’


Cool guy glasses. Haha just kidding!

《Babe if you’re reading this, I love you!》

Shipping tool much longer with the worms but it was worth it. Cute bag of healthy worms with a bunch of pamphlets of information! I’ll put these in my potted plants all over the house tomorrow.

I’ve never had a garden, much less composted, but damnit I try with my meager potted plants every year. This year I have had the most success.

Maybe the energy in your house has to do with how well your plants do. Or maybe I finally found low light, low maintenance plants that I can’t kill! Who knows. 😜


My favorite plant is a ‘pothos’

These are all over my bathroom and have turned my bathtub into a tropical rain forest of vines and leaves.



Also will be giving some to friends this year for Christmas presents this year! Shhh!



They’re low maintenance, require low light, and improve air quality.



I put these lil’ buggers in all my house plants. Get a little mutually beneficial cohabitation going on.


For a guide on Growing Potted Plants with Red Wigglers, click here.

I purchased the worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.


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