Fur Babies

I was doing some “internet research” today aka clicking around Pinterest for DIY ideas and Christmas recipes.

Just found an idea to do with my glass ornaments when I looked over and saw this baby.

All curled in a fuzzy kitty ball of love.


Ideas for Glass Ornaments here

DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments

Back to my animals. I have a rug in my foyer that I purchased from World Market this summer that the dogs love to lie on. The rug is beautiful and unique,  colorful and multidimensional. Best part? It was made from recycled plastic bottles!

Same with the rug Pincess is lying on which is in my living room. There is another by the backdoor that I found for $5 at TJ Maxc or Marshalls. The dogs love that one as well. They literally take turns sleeping on it. My advice? Buy one of these rugs! Colorful, bohemian, recycled, comfortable, and your animals will think it is something special so the cats don’t potty on it!

My black boys said to tell you hello. Niblet, the kitty, was mid-meow. Haha! So happy I caught that moment.


Mattie was on the far left doing her own thing. I wish my darn animals would cuddle like other people’s animals!

The only reason our creatures interact and “talk” to each other more is because of Niblet. I will have to make an entire post dedicated to his story because I have already derailed my original point which was introducing Mattie’s picture. 😄


Our first child. The light of my heart and the love of my life. When I went through a very dark period a few years ago, I was in therapy and they asked me what kept me going every day. I told them it was my dog. Out of everyone in my life, family, friends, the soul being that attached my life to this planet was Mattie.

I digress. Back to the plastic bottle recycled foyer rug.

Here is a better picture (with Tuckus still lying on it of course).


I really need to start taking more pictures of that cuddly bug on the couch. My dog knows how to use pillows! Of course! Spoiled little ham. (Do I have enough nicknames for my dogs? To answer your question, this is only the beginning.)



I’m new to WordPress but I’m sure there’s a way to tag things in my own post? #BloggingForDummies

Here’s my tag: #MattieOnTheCouch !

**Update: I figured out how to tag! Have to use the browser version; not mobile. 🙂

Have a great day and remember to spay and neuter your pets!

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