Christmas continues…

Imagine you have no job, Christmas music is playing 24/7, and your kitchen table looks like a craft store exploded… welcome to my life!

In the baking department, we have Oreo Truffles. I recommend making these for anyone you hate as they are addictive and the person is guaranteed to eat the entire jar!

No kidding though – they are delicious.

Super easy, 3 ingredients, 4 if you count sprinkles.

1) Grind up a pack of oreos and mix with softened cream cheese.
2) Form balls and put on wax paper
3) Dip into melted chocolate
4) Rolled around plate with sprinkles and try not to let it fall apart
5) Jog 3 miles whiled chocolate is cooling
6) Indulge!


In the crafting department, my boyfriend made an ornament out of silver and gold vintage buttons (bag purchased on Amazon.)

Instructions here:


Another picture of my little chocolate coal jars…

Instructions here:


I have been searching for the perfect pattern to go on the lids for the Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion when I found these! It was an old gift bag from Ryan’s aunt.

I traced around the lid shape and mod podged the bag cut-outs onto the lids.  Last step is sealing them which I will do today.

See below “before” pic!


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