Christmas Crafts – Round 1

I have decided to make everyone DIY gifts this year!

112 Incredible DIY Gift Ideas

Original post: Natural Living Ideas

(They are also getting things from stores just to confirm I’m not giving my family macaroni art for Christmas)!

Onto making the things… naturally Pinterest has been the center of my inspiration. The links to my boards are below and please check out the ‘DIY‘ posts under Categories.

DIY Christmas Board

Christmas Desserts

I admit that I went on a bit of a rampage. My first trip was to Michael’s where everything was overpriced and the shelves looked like they had been raided. I bought a few things there and headed over to AC Moore. I love AC Moore – it’s just on the other side of town.

Between AC Moore, Walmart, and Amazon, I was able to buy all of the crafting products I need to begin my quest.


First – Whipped Coconut Lotion. Who doesn’t love lotion? This stuff is the only thing I have been putting on my face for months and my skin feels like a peach. It works great as a makeup remover (as well as spray paint, super glue, etc.). The skin around my eyes is very sensitive so this lotion has been an absolute blessing.



For the recipe, click here!


A Savory Feast’s blog





I altered mine a bit. I didn’t add the vitamin E oil (couldn’t find any) but I did add 1 tbsp of olive oil. I also made different batches with different essential oil smells.


After the coconut lotion, I turned to the pounds and pounds of goodies I purchased for Christmas baking.

Below is a pic of the gift bags I gave to a friend of ours.

 2014-12-16 12.53.47


On the left is a Christmas Cookie Bar and the right is Christmas Chex Mix

(leftovers from Cookie Bar with Chex added!)






On my adventures around the stores for unique crafting materials, I found these chocolate coal pieces at the Dollar Tree. I didn’t use any guide per se, except reading over general mod podge instructions so I didn’t staple my head to the carpet.

I started taking picture by picture instructions but… it is really difficult to do one handed and I kept forgetting. See below for the beginning – I took red wrapping paper and mod podged it to the lids. I used the flip side of the lid since it was more flat than the other. (You really don’t have to do this – I mod podged more on the correct top side and it was fine.)

Also found gold glitter tape at Dollar Tree – this went around the ring. For the green ribbon, I measured out a piece long enough to go around the lid with a little to give. I used a paint brush to paint acrylic paint on the glitter tape and carefully wrapped the ribbon around the lid. Make sure you go around all sides to ensure the ribbon is on evenly too.

Not sure who to give these to this year… who’s been naughty?

2014-12-16 12.51.17


For the little snowman, I mod podged a snowman from wrapping paper onto a lid I up-cycled from a Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Jar. Also mod podged lots of snow looking glitter to the lid. Found peppermint sticks at Dollar Tree!

Pinterest pin is here

2014-12-16 13.10.32

For more DIY projects of mine… click here


Thanks for reading!

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