Save the Bees!

*Grabs soapbox.*

Look folks – the insanely greedy corporations are going to burn this world to the ground and not give 2 shits about you while they do it.

Asia already has to pay people to MANUALLY pollinate their trees/plants because their bees have died. Can you imagine how tedious this is? How much it costs?

I know some people don’t care about bees and most of their apathy stems from ignorance. Not everyone wants to sit around and research bees… But guess what – I do!

Allow me to summarize – the bees are dying because of a pesticide used on GMO corn. Who makes the GMO corn? Monsanto. Who has lobbyists to influence their “special interest”? Monsanto. Guess who votes in favor on Monsanto policies? Republicans AND Democrats. Guess who pays the lobbyists for companies like Bayer that make the pesticide? Precisely. It’s a big ass circle. More like a hamster wheel that we keep running on.

Heads up folks – those people don’t care about you or I. It’s clear from the way BOTH parties vote on any “aid” to help veteran/children/women/disabled/elderly. And then compare it to how they vote on their own bonuses, campaign funding limits, and even shut down the government. All on our dime.

They don’t care. They are happy as long as we are happy eating crappy food, sitting in front of the TV, and watching the Khadershians.

If you give a damn about yourself, your children, and your future… wake up! Start raising Hell!

Our population on earth is over 7 billion and still growing… imagine feeding that many people. Imagine having to pay people to manually pollinate every single flower to grow our food. Imagine how much organic food would cost!

Part of our ecosystem is being eradicated due to greedy, selfish corporations and we’re all too busy fighting with each other over gay marriage and Obamacare to notice.

Wake up! Do your own research, watch a Netflix documentary, talk to your friends, spread the information you find… before it’s too late.

Exploring Different Careers – Park Ranger

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Ranger Joe Shimel with group of two-year olds doing the         duck walk

“Park rangers are truly the backbone of North Carolina’s state parks system. The corps of more than 170 rangers is responsible for the protection of North Carolina’s most precious natural resources and for the safety of millions of visitors each year.

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Holiday Hysteria

Anyone else starting to feel that Holiday Hysteria setting in? I’ve been so immersed in mod podge and powdered sugar that again, as always, Christmas has snuck up on me. And I’m not prepared for it.

House is a disaster – Christmas party last night was successful and delicious though! BBQ sauce is still sitting in the crock pot on the counter. I’m wrapped in a sherpa throw playing video games… gotta love a hangover.

Plans for my Christmas vacation may be falling through which was apparently the tipping point to my already fragile mind-set.

Women – don’t you hate when you’re talking and out-of-nowhere, get entirely too emotional? Didn’t realize you felt that way did you. Well I didn’t realize that with great crafting comes great responsibility and I have a Christmas tree overflowing with presents this year… but. Here comes my crippling manic-depressive-holiday-hysteria that has reduced me to tears at the thought of leaving my house.

Our society, in America at least, the topic of mental illness is shunned, misunderstood, and stigmatized.

Dictionary definitions of stigma describe it as a mark of disgrace, shame, dishonor, ignominy, opprobrium, humiliation, or bad reputation unfairly attached to a person, group, or quality. Tellingly, “the stigma of mental disorder” is almost always offered as the first and most classic example.

A troubling paradox has developed in the stigma attached to mental illness—never has there been less stigma for having mild psychiatric problems, but never has there been more stigma for having severe ones.

–Allen Frances, MD

A troubling paradox has, I think, developed in the stigma attached to mental illness—never has there been less stigma for having mild psychiatric problems, but never has there been more stigma for having severe ones. This has come about because the definition of mental illness is now so loose—1 in 4 of us qualifies every year; 1 in 2 qualifies in a lifetime; and 1 in 5 is taking a psychiatric medicine. There is enormous power in these numbers. The sting of having a psychiatric diagnosis or receiving a treatment is much reduced when so many people take psychiatric medication or participate in psychotherapy.

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