What you can Learn From Hiring a Veteran

Steve Rose PhD

What you can Learn From Hiring a Veteran

‘Hiring a vet’ is not an act of charity. Organizations that claim they ‘hire veterans’ in the same way they claim they are ‘going green’ are missing the point, and here is why:

They value service before self

Forget customer service training, serving members were trained in a form of service unparalleled in the civilian world. Right from day one, the military instills the true value of service in its members and it is often put to the test in life or death situations.

In the military, ‘service’ means commitment to a larger moral/ collective cause. It’s not just what customer-service representatives do for the purpose of increasing corporate profits. Profits are merely a by-product of this commitment. In an age where the ‘call of duty’ has turned into a videogame, and ‘loyalty’ has been replaced by ‘brand loyalty’, civilian employers can learn from the military’s version of ‘service’.


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