Welcome to my blog!


Thank you for reading!

I’m cracked out on sweets and can’t stop blogging! It’s been +24 hours of straight posting/editing/formatting/cussing and I am very proud of the results!

This blog is very new – started on Dec 13 – so please, bear with me with some things.

My first follower, Don Charisma, had me flying off the couch with joy! Someone found me and liked what I wrote! Could there be others? How many other people would find the ramblings of a crazy cat lady to be appealing?


I damn near passed when I read this.

We live in a day and age where we’re constantly pressured to be validated by the internet. Since I do not live in a time capsule, I also crave validation. Attention. An open ear. Welcome feedback.

On a less serious note, Facebook has turned us all into attention-whores anyway. 😉

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