Roxie the Boxer

Before Daisy in the Eicher household, there was Roxie.

att_135725314694827 (1)

She was their first dog and was the smartest canine I ever met! Roxie knew everything from how to play hide-and-seek to being ‘doggy fluent’ in Spanish.

She was a special creature with a special place in my heart. They lost her in back when we were in college.


We miss you baby girl.

There is no pain comparable to the loss of a pet. It is like some part of your soul dies with them, waiting to make yours ‘whole’ again in the afterlife. Below are pictures I have found which I hope you find comforting and smile thru teary eyes.

This is why we rescue/foster/adopt!

Animals are defenseless in this world and we must protect them. I love all of our babies more than words can express and they, in turn, act forever grateful for their rescue.

You can look in their eyes and see their gratitude.

“Anyone who works with animals knows they feel pain, that it impairs their ability to function, even their ability to survive. When a horse goes lame it’s feeling pain; when a lab technician drills a hole in a monkey’s skull it feels pain. So, presumably, would any of us. The difference is that we can express our pain in value-loaded symbols that that transmit an unmistakable message: “This pain is something I don’t deserve and you ought to do something to help alleviate it.” Thus we make our pain “real” to other humans. The other animals can’t do that.”

-Rolf Colt on ‘Human Souls, Animal Lives’

Grab some tissues.

I ‘data mined’ some more animal poems to share. Continue reading at your own risk!

Pictures below from Our Happy Cat’s blog.

One of the most famous – ‘Rainbow Bridge’

***Caution before proceeding with this next poem.***

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