My Teenage Hero

Watch: Viral voguing kid takes down homophobic haters

A boy who rose to internet fame after a clip of him voguing in the back of a news report went viral has responded to homophobic messages.

In a new YouTube video, the 15-year-old flawlessly takes down some of the anti-gay hate he received on the site.

In one comment, a user claims: “Talk about over the f**king top – I am all for equal rights but for f**k sake – have some f**king humility before you f**k it up for all gay people.”

Jordan responds: “Are you serious? Okay, if you are someone who thinks that just because I happen to be gay and happen to be like this, that you think all gay people are like that… That is so stupid. I’m a human, I’m not a gay.”

To someone who claims that gay men are always “over the top”, he responds: “This is the way I act. You know what? This is me. If you don’t like it, you can click the X button. You can go over to the top of the screen – you see that? That will turn off the video.”

When a user asks if he’s a “woman inside boy”, he fires back: “That’s a queen inside boy, honey.”

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#LoveisLove !!!

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