Fangirling for Sally’s Baking Addiction

Hi! We are baking addicts.

SBA Page


But first, I’m Sally. I like to take pictures, write, run, and bake. Scratch that, I’m addicted to baking. The kitchen is where my creative juices flow and Sally’s Baking Addiction is where I can share it all with you.

-Sally’s Baking Addiction

This is an extension of my work-in-progress post 
Holiday Cookie Recipes that’ll make Santa do the Harlem Shake

I created it as a result of my rambling’s on Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Sally – if you ever read this. You are an inspiration.

First, a story. there is a blog called Sally’s Baking Blog that I absolutely adore. I first found her on instagram, then checked out her Pinterest, (can you tell I’m a visual person?) and lastly, her blog. Her recipes range from healthy to heart-stopping and her photography is remarkable. She just published a book that I highly recommend you all check out! (It’s on my Christmas list this year!) Even my friends know her as ‘The Gum Paste Roses Lady.’


On Amazon 

Also featured in a magazine!

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies. My most popular recipe EVER.

Recipe to the Cake Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake! This soft-baked, sprinkle-filled giant cookie is so much better than birthday cake!


You see what I mean? What is this! I need it in my mouth. Right now.

The very best funfetti sugar cookie you'll ever eat... and it's the size of a cake! Soft, chewy, thick, and topped with vanilla frosting.

Sally’s Sugar Cookie Cake

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