Christmas Tree Meringues

Mmm crunchy, vanilla Christmas Tree Meringues!image

(Or Christmas Poos if you’re on my piping level!)

Meringues are funny things.

Either they act right and fluff up or they remain a soggy ooze at the bottom of your bowl.


And yet, we successfully made meringues 2 nights ago!


I nailed the flavor and consistency with these ones but… my hands were warm and melted some of the egg whites!

Admittedly, we forgot to add sprinkles and had to yank them back out of the oven. 😄


The little dotted bites are where my ADD kicked in and I was over piping damn runny poos all over the cookie sheets.


They’re super tasty and the best part?

Low calorie!

(Not if you eat the entire batch though)


We cooked them for the recommended 45 minutes and since 4am baking is tiring, I turned the oven off after the timer went off and left them in there overnight.

They turned out great!


Show some love to my little rainbow caterpillar.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Meringues

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