6 Christmas Safety Tips for Cat Owners, article by Melvin Pena

Creation's Care Pet Sitting, LLC

Keep your cats in mind as you decorate, celebrate, feast, and dash about town this holiday season.

Many cat owners will attest that simply moving a chair entices their cats to climb on it immediately. Maybe the cats are just testing out a new vantage point; perhaps they’re asserting that everything in your home belongs to them. During the Christmas season, people adorn their homes with a variety of new things. Plants, colorful decorations, unusual foods — all of these present a series of irresistible temptations for our cats.

While you’re out practicing with your handbell choir, joining friends at holiday parties, or fighting crowds at the mall for the perfect gift, your cats and kittens are getting into their usual feline mischief in the winter wonderland that is your home. We’ve compiled some of the most common…

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