Rawhide Bones for Dogs (Compressed or Not at All!)

Everyone has a subject they like to rant about.


Most of mine pertain to animals, marriage equality, and religion.

Let me grab a soap box and a microphone.

Dog treats area frequent rant and such an important topic to me, I’m adding it to my blog!

Short summary: I grew up volunteering at vets and animals shelters. I recently quit my budding career in clinical research to return to school for veterinary medicine.

I don’t have a degree; nor am I a ‘certified vet technician.’

What I do have is a wealth of knowledge from my experience at those places, in addition to fostering for the past 10 years. Sometimes I feel like a ‘personal vet’ to my friends and family!

I’m always available for any questions or comments you have about your animals or about my blog! I welcome any kind of question; no question is stupid.

If you’re hyperventilating and your dog has vomited/pooped all over the floor, please take them to your vet!

My favorite ranting topics concerning animals:

  • Cat/Dog Nutrition
  • Importance of Spaying/Neutering
  • Promoting Rescuing/Fostering

I can’t tell you how many people come to me when they themselves or someone they know needs to get rid of an animal.

Whether it be humane circumstances or not, please know that I don’t mind these at all. I will be happy to work with you to find a rescue or other options!

Whatever the case, never take your animal to a kill shelter.

Many animals have been rescued/re-homed due to the mass sharing capabilities on social media!

Be careful about where you take your pet!

Even shelters labeled as “no-kill” pass animals that are not adoptable off to be euthanized. Since they don’t do it themselves, they get to call themselves “no-kill shelters.”

Your local animal shelter and ASPCA are most likely kill shelters.

Do your research.

My boyfriend’s parents adopted their current dog Daisy from a post I spotted on Facebook!

Story time!

I was driving to work one morning and checked my Facebook at a red light (tsk, tsk). In the midst of scrolling through mindless nonsense, I saw this sweet baby.

Oh goodness. Let’s read the caption.


Who could say no to this face?

Someone needed to re-home their dog ASAP.

It was posted by Ryan’s childhood friend that had unexpected circumstances and needed immediate help.

My basic instinct took over.

I messaged her – going to be dropped off at animal control Friday?  What happened?


Details far too personal for a blog led to Jenny unfortunately having to give up her boxer, Daisy. I offered to drive there immediately after work, but was able to work out a deal with Ryan’s mother in Apex.

She picked up Daisy with the intention of driving her to Wilmington to meet us.

On the way there, Daisy put her head on Ryan’s fathers shoulder and boom. Love.

Daisy wasn’t going anywhere.

She had already found her home.


Ryan’s family used to have a boxer named Roxie. Her story is here.

att_135725314694827 (1)

RIP Baby Girl

I digress.

Let me grab a tissue and get back on the saddle of pet nutrition.

Did you know a rant about dog bones would make you cry? Welcome to my blog.

When it comes to dog bones, I only feed my dogs COMPRESSED rawhide which is the ONLY type you should ever give your pet.

(Honestly they shouldn’t eat rawhide at all.)

Find a local little food market and get marrow bones. We buy ours from Pine Valley Market in Wilmington.

They’re one of the healthiest thing to give your dog and your dog will vibrate with joy!

(Everything in moderation though!)

If their poop turns white for a day or two, they’re fine. This is simply due to excess calcium intake.

Everything is fine. 🙂

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