Our Christmas Tree

Right after decorating:


Good news! We wrapped presents last night. Still more to go. I haven’t even used the puppy/kitty paper yet! This will never do. 😾


Our kitty Pincess doesn’t know what to think about the presents! That is “Pincess” with no ‘R’ mind you.

Isn’t she beautiful though? My other half found here in our apartment parking lot back in college. She chirped at him, he meowed back, and she instantly became ours.

She used to run down the stairs when I got home from work and ask about my day. Now she sleeps at the foot of my bed until Ryan leaves and then she sleeps beside me. Every accidental touch or movement illicits a soft ‘prrr?’ from Pincess.

Our first ‘PLK’ – Parking Lot Kitty. Definitely not the last!


Update on our tree:


Looks like Santa has been tinkering around on Pinterest! 🎅😜

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