The “Trash Can” Cookie

We (tried) to make sugar cookies last night. We used a delicious looking recipe from Pinterest.

What could go wrong right?

Nope. Awful. WAY too much of the dry ingredients. Us being the college graduates that we are mixed up the TBS and tsp spoons on our first few go ’rounds of baking and it resulted it concrete dough!

There was a moment when I saw it too. It was looking perfect and then… oh, oh, OH, F bombs its ruined.

Perfect Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs Recipe

The BEST recipe I've ever found for Sugar Cookie Cut-outs! This easy method makes the most moist, tender, delicious cookies that you can decorate however you like!

Recipe here

We rolled it out anyway and wait 30 minutes. Rolled back out (ate the extra bits) and cut some cookies. Turns out, it looks like over the years my roommates must have acquired the other cookie cutters because I only had some dog bones, a goose, a duck, and a snowflake.

I made those litter buggers cute as hell though!


With the “negative” pieces of dough, Ryan made a giant ball rolled out into a big ass cookie. Once it was finish baking, we folded the wax paper from the  cookie sheet of pretty cookies and dumped it on top.


Hence making this cookie the “trash can” cookie.

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