“Shoulder Kitty”


This is Ryan’s cat, Gracie. I call her Grettle. It suited her better when she used to be fat. When we adopted her, she looked like she had eaten a bowling ball, no shit. One of these days, I will dig thru my old HD and try to find it.

A fuzzy bowling ball with teenie stick legs and a stub tail.

Gracie was ~3 years old when we adopted her. I used to foster for Cat Adoption Team, Adopt-An-Angel, and Tails U Win… Gracie was our first foster kitty. I aquired her after adopting our first meow, Mr. Piddles, and asking if they had any more cats that needed temporary homes. Of course there were. (There always are – I highly recommend fostering if you have the time, patience, and financial resources).

I drove towards Carolina Beach to an elderly woman’s house in a small, disheveled house. She had a pair of pet doves in her living room.

Gracie lived with other kitties in a back bathroom. This seems cruel but rescuing can get overwhelming and there are SO many animals that need homes… you want to bring them all home. Trust me, I bring home almost all the ones I run into.

Gracie cried and squawked all the way home. I would say meowed but something is broken in her voice box and she can only let out these soft pathetic sounding squawks.

She quickly adapted to the zoo-like nature of our household. We fostered families of kitties at a time and Grettle always kept to herself and ignored them. If someone got too close, hiss. If a kitten wanted to play, spit.

Kittens were nothing comparied to the hedgehog, rabbit, chameleons, bearded dragons, iguana, snakes, blah blah that have roamed our hallways…!

It takes a lot of work to be able to have all of our animals, but our house is warm, inviting, and always open for guests. 🙂

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